Why Archidesign Awards

Awards are the Best Things to happen to any Designer / Professionals


How important these competitions are:
The importance of winning a Design Award can be best described by anyone who has ever won a Design Competition. How dramatically his or her life witnessed an upswing, can be adjudged by seeing the prestigious position he or she has been maintaining today. Winning an Award gives you satisfaction and a limelight in your industry much similar to an Oscar Award winner in the film industry. Hindware ArchiDesign Awards are truly Oscar of Indian Architecture & Construction Industry.

Sudhir Sarup,

Promoter, Editor-in-Chief, ArchiDesign Perspective & Founder President, Foundation for Architectural & Environmental Awareness.

Why participate in an Award?

Yes, Awards & Design Competitions are important if you are looking for a high-profile career in the design and architecture industry. You can’t deny this. Nor can you ignore the importance of it either. This serves a great opportunity in winning accolades from Industry and other dignified professionals. In many ways, it gives you a personal satisfaction, with your original idea and imagination getting recognition. Winning an Award or a Design Competition instills a confidence in you that you are an out of box thinker and have a better conceptualization power. Your capability is also well communicated among the industry circle opening new avenues for your golden career.

Awards often offer new vistas to a winner’s life, which he or she is hardly aware of it until one gets an award and all the flashbulbs, fame & success follows. It is one of the genuine ways to promote you and your skills. The night of Award Ceremony is not the end, you can get more publicity by issuing press releases and get them published in newspapers and magazines. ArchiDesign Awards are unique in its presentation and concept that assures this important aspect too.

So, what makes a winning design?

In most of the Design competitions, a jury of eminent professionals of their respective field adjudges the winners after going through the minutest details of your creations. The jury always looks for fresh and innovative projects and concepts. Here, are the tips – ladder of seven steps to help you design a winning design.

Exceptional Design:

Your design must be exceptional in all respects. The selection of colors, materials and concept must be unique. To zero-in on a unique design, it is better to have a look on previously selected designs by other winners. Think at length on your ideas and concept before deciding on your final design. The most important thing is that your design must be original and should not be a copy of other designs.

Composition of Jury:

The jury usually comprises of noted professionals from design and architecture. They themselves have won several such competitions and have a flair for good and beautiful designs. You should look into their profiles and their creations that made them men of repute. Their works will give you an idea what kind of excellence in design they maintain and expect the same from you as well.

Little time to make a judgment:

The jury members usually have a very little time for judgment due to number of designs coming before them for the competition. Here, you have to ensure that your design should be beautiful enough to make a good impression at first sight. Your presentations should be concise and to the point to make clear all the aspects of your design with less efforts. Then only your design can pass through all the elimination rounds to reach the final level.

Crystal Clear Images:

Your photographs and images should be very clear to represent the whole story in a presentable manner. A good photograph makes a very good first impression on jury members’ mind. If you are not very good at photography, it is better to hire a professional photographer to have quality photography. Good images of your design encourage jury to go into the details of your design.

To the Point Description:

Keep the description of your design concept as short as possible. The jury members are not extremely interested in your writing skills. They read the description only to understand the concept of your design, wherever they feel so. The shorter and to the point is better.

Clear and Descriptive Drawing:

Your drawing should specify clearly all facets of your design. Drawings should be in line with your photographs and description. All aspect of your design should be represented uniquely through drawings. Special care should be given while choosing scales. Uniform scale should be maintained in every piece of drawing.

Final Editing:

Final editing of your submission is important. It will help to eliminate any error arising in any of your submission components due to any reason. Avoiding last minute submission hurry, keep enough time in hand for final editing. If you notice any error, you can rectify that only you have enough time in hand. These are very simple yet important things you should consider while taking part in your Design Competition. Your unique idea of course is the trump card. But these tips will surely help you survive preliminary eliminating rounds. Best wishes for making headway in the world of design excellence by participating in a Design Competition.

Archidesign Awards

The Trophy

"Only the very best will get to hold this beauty, a glittering crystal trophy, standing tall in a tall pyramidal shape, symbolizing the height of achievement and a sense of pride."

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