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Queries Received and Answered:

Q. Is there a submission format? No. of images, project text write up, types of submission.

Yes. Pl download Code of Procedure / Application form and it is given.

Q. Can one project be submitted under multiple categories?

Yes. Depends upon the category. Say, if you are a young architect & done a residence, you can send that under young architects category, also in private residences and if you think it has as big touch of innovation, you can send fr Architect of the Year Award too.

Q. Can multiple submission be made by one firm / architect?

Yes. Individual architect as well as architectural firms and even Architectural departments in big organisation/ builders/ PSUs can also send.

Pl do follow the Registration process and save which registration is for what category you have registered for?

All Tracking Numbers are for respective category. And for every entry, even if they are of same category be registered again. Different fr each entry.

Pl do read Code of Procedure.

New Premium Category added is: "ArchiDesign Lifetime Achievement Award". Pl nominate who you think deserves this. Download form and file.

Awards 2016 incorporates: ArchiDesign Student of the Year Award (Thesis Programme).

Considering the new additions, the Last date of Submission is 10th December 2016 now.

Q. In interior design category quote

B3. Award for the Best Hotel / Resort Interior Design (New) for excellence and innovative designing of kitchen, so much an independent and most important space in every home

Is this only for kitchen design? Is there no category for restaurant design?

Sorry, kitchen is a central and focal point of a Hotel / restaurant etc. But we are looking at the Total Hospital design. Not just the Kitchen. Total Hospital Design or Total Interiors.

Q. We have registered for the awards just wanted to know the procedure to send in the entry in the Interior design category can you please let us know the procedure.

Thanks for registering.
Pl go thru Code of Procedure/ Application form.
Also FAQs will help. all is written out there. It is simple and no Fee.
Tracking number should be separate for every entry, even if they are of same category.

A we are from Mumbai we will have to dispatch it by tomorrow.

We took a little more time in debating and finalising the modalities of the new addition of an important award: ArchiDesign Lifetime Achievement Award". Then, the annual Students Design competition we have been doing is also incorporated on the main platform of ArchiDesign Awards. The Last Date of the Submission now is: 10th December 2016.

Q. This is with reference to the unbuilt projects category. Would like to know the mode of submission.

In Chapter IV, Submission of entries it mentions only of built projects. Could you please help us with telling what would be the requirements in this case.

All requisites as of built projects. Only that UnBuilt projects may not have any Photographs. But 3D images and graphics to support the design may pl be submitted.

Q. The category for Architect of the year.What are the requirement for the same.

Register. Get the Tracking Number for each of the projects that you wish to send. Not more than 2 in any category.

Send your project, which you feel deserves to Win. Read FAQs and you will get most of the answers to your query. If still not satisfied, pl. feel free to write.

Q. One of our directors in under 35 and others are 36, so can we apply for both the architect for the year award as well as young architect award.

Yes! You qualifies for the project provided the Project when completed had age as 35 or below, the designers age.

Registration is Just a Simple 3 Step Process

    It’s a simple, 3 step process:
  • Log on to www.archidesignawards.com.
  • Click on the registration button, on the right top, in Red. Select the Category you wish to register in. Fill-in the Registration Form
  • And Submit. That’s All.

A 12-Digit Tracking No will be automatically generated and flashed on your Screen instantly. In Addition, you’ll also receive a mail having the Tracking Number on the Email address provided by you, within 24 hours. The Tracking No confirms your registration done and pl save this.
Pl write this Tracking number in the Subject line of all your mails addressed to us.

However, if you do not receive the 12 Digit Tracking Number within 24 hours of your submission, please write back all details of the Registration Form, to us at: archidesign.competirtion@gmail.com and we’ll immediately provide you one by manual process within 24 Hours. Go through the site for all details.

Where to send Your Entry at:

You may Send your Entries through registered post / courier /or Hand Delivery at:
The Director Operations,
ArchiDesign Award Secretariat,
Q-25, Ground Floor, Jangpura Extension,
(Opp. Lajpat Nagar-1 Railway Crossing), New Delhi-110014.
Tel.: 011- 43721406. 0-9990608400.
E-Mail: archidesign.competition@gmail.com.

To participate & register, pl Log on to www.archidesignawards.com.

For information or query, pl email at : archidesign.competition@gmail.com.

Helpline Number (From 9am to 7pm): 0-9990608400.

Innovations in Design

Innovations in Design in Architecture is the Theme for the 8th Cycle of the ArchiDesign Awards 2016 achieving Excellence through Designs and Sustainability.

Transforming ideas into innovative designs that are intelligent, sensitive, sustainable and value-for-money is the emerging trends across the world. And so is for India that is undergoing a massive expansion and growth programme. “Design for the Living” is the Call of the emerging India with changing lifestyles and a passion for owning the best of world as a key word. This passion leads to the creation of spaces and environments which inspire architects and designers to enhance quality of life that are environmentally sensitive and deliver value for money.

At ArchiDesign Awards, we are inspired by the good design that is going to set a new trend in built form. Innovations in Design is an effort to revolutionize Design Thinking in shaping the next generation of innovators and preparing them to solve emerging space problems. The competition, now in its 8th Cycle includes 21 categories which are judged by a cross-section of eminent design and infrastructure professionals who have established their name through consistently adhering to a design-minded approach over the years and giving their best over decades.

What's New!

Introduction of a new & innovative concept in Categories is a first time in India attempt by ArchiDesign Awards: Modern Design HERITAGE Tomorrow Award. It invites all the Modern Day Legends who have consistently been delivering one-after-another designs and the one that meets the Challenge of Times and bears some touch of typical Indian art, design, ethnic cultural traditions and blends perfectly with the ever changing culturally significant modernity in design and technology.

What's More! What's New for Trade & Industry?

This would be followed by a new addition, the #BuildTechon '16, India's Building Industry Technology Challenge, recognising and awarding those building material products, technology or services that have added an innovative touch to their products or services through designs or Research & Development. All such aspiring Companies to come forward and make a presentation about the Innovation they have introduced. And the Best in respective categories win the Crystal Trophy too.

The ArchiDesign Awards have become the pre-eminent honor bestowed upon the Challenge Winners and are featured in the print and online editions of India’s leading architecture and design magazine- ArchiDesign Perspective.

ArchiDesign Awards
for Excellence in Architecture & Infrastructure for the Year 2016.
Total 360 Degree Design & Construction Awards, now in 8th Cycle.


Regular Categories:



Premium INNOVATIVE Category New

A0. Modern Design HERITAGE Tomorrow Award
Most innovative category introduced by ArchiDesign Awards is open for those exclusive, out of world designs by Modern Day Legends that meet the Challenge of Times and bears some touch of typical Indian art, design, ethnic cultural traditions and blends perfectly with the ever changing culturally significant modernity in design and technology.


A1. ArchiDesign Architect of the Year Award


A2. Award for the Best Young Architect of the Year

A3. Award for the Best Private Residence

A4. Award for the Best Corporate / Institutional / University Design

A5. Award for the Best Shopping Mall & Retail Spaces Design

A6. Award for the Best Sustainable / Green Architecture Design

A7. Award for the Best Façade Design

A8. Award for the Best Industrial Design. (New)

A9. Award for the Best UnBuilt Design.

A10. Award for the Best Hospital / Healthcare Facility Designed Project

A11. Award for the Best Designed Terminal / Tunnel / Bridge Project.


B1. Award for the Best Residential Interior Design.

B2. Award for the Best Interior of Corporate Office Design.

B3. Award for the Best Hotel / Resort Interior Designed


C1. Award for the Best Written& Published work on Architecture / Environment

C2. Award for Strive towards Architectural / Environmental / Heritage Conservation


D1. Award for the Best of Faculty (Architecture).

D2. Award for the Best Structural Engineering Project of the Year

Archidesign Awards

The Trophy

"Only the very best will get to hold this beauty, a glittering crystal trophy, standing tall in a tall pyramidal shape, symbolizing the height of achievement and a sense of pride."

Application Forms

  • For Architecture & Design Awards
  • For Interior Design Awards
  • For Critic's Choice & Services Consultants Awards
  • For Nominations Awards


  • Architecture & Planning Awards
  • Interior Design Awards
  • Critics' Choice & Services Consultants Awardse
  • Nominations Awards

Calender :Awards 2016

  • Last Date for the Submission of Entries : 10th December 2016
  • Last Date for Registration : 10th December 2016.
  • Last Date for Queries : 7th December 2016.
  • National Jury Meet : 3rd Week of December 2016.
  • Awards 2016 Presentation Ceremony : January 2017.
  • ** The Award Secretariat shall receive all such entries sent by courier/ post/ registered post & sent by 10 December 2016. & as such are received within the next 3 days.

Contact Us

Send Your Entries to:
The Director operations,
ArchiDesign Award Secretariat,
Q-25, Ground Floor, Jangpura Extension,
(Opp. Lajpat Nagar-1 Railway Crossing), New Delhi-110014.
Tel.: 011- 43721406. +91.9990608400.
E-Mail : archidesign.competition@gmail.com