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ArchiDesign Awards
Excellence in Architecture & Infrastructure
For the Year 2016, the 8th Cycle

“Only the very best
will get to hold this beauty.
A glittering crystal trophy,
standing tall in a pyramidal
shape, symbolizing the height
of achievement and a sense of pride.”

Sudhir Sarup
Founder Chairman,
ArchiDesign Group
Promoting Architecture Since 1990

ArchiDesign Awards, the Mission & the Vision

ArchiDesign Awards represent the highest recognition of excellence in architecture, interior design, urban design, and infrastructure. The award-winning entries will convey exceptional qualities of character, space, workmanship, sustainability and context. ArchiDesign Awards recognize the professionals who have the efficiency to place through the evocative use of materials and elegant detailing.

The work of architecture stands on three pillars—design, technology, and service. As our most expensive, complex, and durable artifacts, our buildings measure and indicate our cultural values—some constant and some changing. Architects seek to define our present in buildings that connect our past with our future. Architects work closely with other members of the construction industry including engineers, builders, surveyors, interior designers, and town planners etc., constituting a whole team of skillful professionals devoted to creating a whole world of comforts for us. The mission of ArchiDesign Awards is to actively promote the works and devotion of these professionals whose untiring efforts have resulted in the shape of creative and efficient structures for the benefit of mankind. Bringing their works before the world and get them the recognition on the global platform is what ArchiDesign intends to deliver.

ArchiDesign Awards will promote the best of design and technology by exhibiting widely the creations of professionals before the elite audiences. ArchiDesign Awards will actively promote and support research and development today in the field of Architecture and Construction that create the theater of the future.

We, at ArchiDesign, believe that Awards Programme should be carefully structured so that selection and recognition of winners serve two distinct purposes: one directed to the profession, and the other to the public or society. By focusing attention on a broad range of exemplary activity within the profession, the general quality of architectural practice is elevated and a standard of excellence is established which will act as a benchmark for all professionals.

ArchiDesign Awards marks the beginning of a tradition of recognizing professionals for their outstanding achievements.

ArchiDesign Awards
For Excellence in Architecture & Infrastructure for the Year 2016.
Total 360 Degree Design & Construction Awards, now in 8th Cycle.

Broad Segments:


Premium INNOVATIVE Category

A12. Design Today, Heritage Tomorrow Award
Most innovative category introduced by ArchiDesign Awards is open for those exclusive, out of world designs by Modern Day Legends that meet the Challenge of Times and bears some touch of typical Indian art, design, ethnic cultural traditions and blends perfectly with the ever-changing culturally significant modernity in design and technology.


A1. ArchiDesign Architect of the Year Award
For an individual architect, professional, firm or an organization with an outstanding and innovative creations in the building design and construction industry for over 15 years & having consistently given extraordinary & exceptional design & technological innovations. One, who is still going strong and is contributing to enrich Indian architecture on the world map. The selection of this Award shall be made by the Jury from among all the Short Listed Entries by the Prelim Jury.


A2. Award for the Best Young Architect of the Year 35 years of age, when completed the project he has sent the entry for. For his / her excellence in design. A project of any size, shape that depicts his innovative applications and reflects creativity.

A3. Award for the Best Private Residence for excellence in designing an individual's residence, villa, farmhouse etc. on an independent plot or a multistoried residential complex.

A4. Award for the Best Corporate / Institutional / University Design (Colleges, Universities & Professional Educational Institutions).for excellence in designing of universities and institutes of higher and professionals learning in India.

A5. Award for the Best Shopping Mall & Retail Spaces Design for excellence in designing of shopping malls and retail spaces and allied entertainment complex etc.

A6. Award for the Best Sustainable / Green Architecture Design for minimizing the use of non-renewable energy and maximizing use of sunlight, wind power, hydro energy and with maintaining system durability of the building.

A7. Award for the Best Façade Design For excellence in designing of a facade of a building / projects. Use of innovative material and combining Energy Efficiency, the strength of material together with creativity is the point of reference and projects a welcome note.

A8. Award for the Best Industrial Design. (New) This award is given to an exceptional industrial designed project that demonstrates the highest level of excellence, creativity and in the perception of today's outlook in the contemporary world. Pre-Engineered Design and projects are welcome.

A9. Award for the Best Un-Built Design. For those excellent and highly creative designs that have not seen the light of--the day are invited to be judged by the Jury. Restriction being only the Competition entries. The competition called by notification by the Government, PSUs or Private sectors.

A10. Award for the Best Hospital / Healthcare Facility Designed Project for best of the hospital, medical colleges, healthcare specialty projects including medical units, laboratories, Imaging centers, Trauma centers and even gym, spa, sports recouping, physiotherapy units etc.

A11. Award for the Best Designed Terminal / Tunnel / Bridge Project. (New) For an architect, designer or an infrastructure professional who adds element(s) of Design in an otherwise mundane infrastructure Terminal, Tunnel or Bridge project to fast track and add a touch of beauty and his signature to the Project.


B1. Award for the Best Residential Interior Design. For fineness and beauty of residential interiors of flats, Havelis, bungalows, farmhouses or plotted spaces.

B2. Award for the Best Interior of Corporate Office Design. For designing of corporate office space and turning it into an epitome of functionality and aesthetics.

B3. Award for the Best Hotel / Resort Interior Design (New). For excellence and innovative designing of the kitchen, so much an independent and most important space in every home.


C1. Award for the Best Written & Published work on Architecture / Environment for exceptional contribution in the written work on architecture / environment / heritage / conservation that can be taken in as recording the time and movement from the country's development point of view. RNI No. and or ISBN No. is a must for such a published book or document.

C2. Award for Strive towards Architectural / Environmental / Heritage Conservation for an architect, individual, Trust or a conversationalist professional striving to preserve our rich architectural / environmental heritage of this great Nation.


D1. Award for the Best of Faculty (Architecture). For an all-around academic personality in architecture and planning having excelled in the teaching of architecture, planning, and its allied disciplines. One who is considered as Idol by young, budding as well as established architect of repute. One who is still going strong and with a minimum 15 years of teaching experience and been a part of the coming up colleges of architecture.

D2. Award for the Best Structural Engineering Project of the Year to a structural engineer professional whose remarkable contributions, consistently in built form and whose understanding of the project, requirement & selection; application of the innovative use of technology has added a new dimension.

D3. ArchiDesign Lifetime Achievement Award
ArchiDesign Lifetime Achievement Award is an honour bestowed upon architect whose lifetime achievement and contribution to the profession that has had a unique and lasting impact on the fellow professionals, fraternity and welfare of the public and environment. (Click here to Nominate & Register)

Your suggestions and queries may pl. be sent to Mr. Sudhir Sarup, Chairman, ArchiDesign Awards at: Or call up – 0-9990608400.

Archidesign Awards

The Trophy

"Only the very best will get to hold this beauty, a glittering crystal trophy, standing tall in a tall pyramidal shape, symbolizing the height of achievement and a sense of pride."

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Calender :Awards 2016

  • Last Date for the Submission of Entries : 10th December 2016
  • Last Date for Registration : 10th December 2016.
  • Last Date for Queries : 7th December 2016.
  • National Jury Meet : 3rd Week of December 2016.
  • Awards 2016 Presentation Ceremony : January 2017.
  • ** The Award Secretariat shall receive all such entries sent by courier/ post/ registered post & sent by 10 December 2016. & as such are received within the next 3 days.

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